Welcome to Atlas Lane

This is the first of many posts to Atlas Lane’s official company blog. We started this company with a simple mission to make people’s lives easier. We’re a team of renters working for renters. Everything we do comes from a place of understanding, empathy and caring because we know, firsthand, that renting is a pain.

It’s not that tripped-and-fell, bruised-your-ego type of pain, either. It’s that dull, unrelenting pressure-on-your-every-waking-thought type of pain.

Renting sucks because at the end of the day your apartment never feels like your home. No matter how many pictures you hang on your wall or trips to Ikea you make. You sign on a dotted line and begin the 364-day countdown until it’s time to move out.

We believe feeling “home” is about feeling comfortable.

It’s about drinking milk from the carton and walking around in your underwear. It’s about feeling secure with the moment, and also secure in your future. Because above all, your home is the center for everything that you do.

We want this blog to help renters find ways to feel like they belong in a place that technically isn’t “theirs.” We want this blog to be a resource for owners who wish to provide their residents with more than just four walls and roof. In every way that we can, we want to take the pain of out renting, and replace it with comfort.

Life is hard, but living shouldn’t be. Welcome to Atlas Lane. Welcome home.

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