Last Minute Decorations You Can Start Today and Finish Before Santa Comes to Town

Remember eagerly waiting for Thanksgiving? Not for the turkey or pumpkin pie, but for the day when it’s finally socially acceptable to start playing Christmas music. You envisioned yourself hanging the lights and singing Christmas carols; surrounded by the smell of fir trees and vanilla. Before you could finish daydreaming, you realized that it’s already half-way through December and there isn’t a single bough of holly in your apartment.

Here at Atlas Lane, we see a lot of homes. We know residents might be too busy living to finish holiday housework. If you’re anything like us, you’re nothing like Martha Stewart. That’s why we’re trying to spread cheer with these tried and true tips to help you create a holiday-ready home that guests will love.

Personalized photo wall

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What’s better than a beautiful home filled with holiday decorations? A home filled with loved ones. A blank slate is the best place to start for this idea. Before guests arrive, snap a few Polaroid pictures with your family, roommates, or even pets and start your photo wall.

Get fancy and clip the photos on a string light display to draw attention to this section of your home. You can fill in some of the blank spaces with spare holiday cards and pictures of family and friends who can’t join in for the celebration. Have everyone take pictures with your Polaroid camera throughout the event. You’ll have a decoration that is sure to make memories last.

Don’t have a Polaroid camera? Borrow a friend’s and supply the film. If you’d prefer to take the photos with a phone, there are plenty of quality instant photo printers you can invest in for the holidays and future occasions!

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Dollar store DIY

While you’re cleaning, preparing food and drinks, and finalizing gifts, it’s understandable if you feel overwhelmed days before the main event. No fear! You can easily use things you already have lying around to add excitement to your room without breaking the bank.

Mason jars are a do-it-yourselfer’s favorite because they’re inexpensive and multifunctional. You can repurpose the jars to hold LED lights or candles. You can even gather some nicknacks to create DIY snow globes.

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Get the most out of extra ball ornaments by using them to fill glass vases from the dollar store. You can also fill them with items like pine cones, greens or branches with berries. There’s no need to buy expensive decorations from a craft store when there are plenty of sturdy branches outside. Use these fun displays to dress up your mantel or use them as centerpieces to impress your guests.

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It’s not Spring, but you can always incorporate floral into your decorations. Add flowers to evergreen and pine for your centerpieces. Flowers combined with greenery is sure to bring a fresh element to any room.

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Wrap any leftover boxes you have and place them around your house as additional decor. Handmade decorations allow you to personalize messages for your guests and they’ll never guess you were secretly too busy to decorate!

Homemade happy hour

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Who says food doesn’t count as decor? Use festive serving dishes to get the most out of the effort you put into baking, pouring, and roasting. Watch with pride as guests crowd around your display to get a picture for the ‘Gram.

Create a miracle mini bar by decorating your bar cart or dressing up an extra serving table. Keep in mind that happy hour doesn’t have to include alcohol. If you’re hosting an alcohol-free night, you can still let your guests have all the fun with a full-service hot beverage bar or a table loaded with desserts.

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Another foodie tip: pop some cookies in the oven right before your guests arrive. The smell of baked goods will instantly make your home feel inviting.

We hope, with these last-minute tips, you can make the most out of this wonderful time with your friends and family. Happy Holidays from Atlas Lane!

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